Strona: Department of Complex Systems


21 Mar

New Erasmus+ students at Department of Complex Systems

21-03-2023 r.
New students will have classes at our Department related to the following modules: History of ideas and scientific discoveries, Selected issues of computer engineering in foreign language.
16 Mar

The latest issue of the Rzeszów University of Technology Journal of...

16-03-2023 r.
We would like to inform that this is the last issue of the RUTJEE. From 2023, RUTJEE changed its name to Advances in IT and Electrical Engineering (AITEE).
03 Mar

Edu Salon 2023 - Education Expo

03-03-2023 r.
On 01-02.03.2023. Representatives of the Department participated in the presentation of the educational offer of the University during the 17th Edu Salon Educational Expo.
28 Feb

Department Seminar

28-02-2023 r.
On 28.02.2023 in room F.502, a seminar was held in the Department of Complex Systems, at which Paweł Kuraś, M.Sc. - presented the topic of his planned doctoral thesis.
28 Feb

Towards 6G-Enabled Edge-Cloud Continuum Computing – Initial Assessment

28-02-2023 r.
A scientific publication is the result of the collaboration between employees of the Department of Complex Systems - PhD Eng. Andrzej Paszkiewicz and PhD Eng. Marek Bolanowski.
22 Feb

Network Aspects of Remote 3D Printing in the Context of Industry as a...

22-02-2023 r.
In the book Automation 2023: Key Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques, a publication was published by employees of our Department.
17 Feb

Graduation of engineering and data analysis students

17-02-2023 r.
Engineering and Data Analysis is a course of study co-developed by the Faculty of Mathematics and Applied Physics and the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
02 Feb

CriNet, Critical Network SDN Security System

02-02-2023 r.
SDN security system for critical infrastructure - a new project done by the consortium of Exatel, Gaz-System and the Rzeszów University of Technology