Strona: Department of Complex Systems


22 Jun

An Energy Aware Clustering Scheme for 5G-enabled Edge Computing based IoMT...

22-06-2022 r.
The results of the work published in the article are the effect of joint research work conducted by Marek Bolanowski, PhD and Andrzej Paszkiewicz, PhD and the Dr.B.R.Ambedkar (India).
16 May

The Place of 3D Printing in the Manufacturing and Operational Process Based...

16-05-2022 r.
The article has been published in Tehnički glasnik magazine, co-authored by an employee of the Department of Complex Systems, Andrzej Paszkiewicz, PhD. Eng
28 Apr

ProtoLab Academy

28-04-2022 r.
On Saturday, April 23, 2022, a lecture entitled Digitization and cybersecurity - contemporary challenges and technologies of the future was delivered by PhD. DSc. Dominik Strzałka, prof. PRz.
26 Apr

OPTimeeting at RUT

26-04-2022 r.
Possibilities of development and implemented projects at OPTeam. Meeting with students
24 Apr

XXXVII International Education Salon Perspektywy 2022

24-04-2022 r.
Empolyees of RUT took place at educational fair for Mazowieckie region in Poland
19 Apr

Network Load Balancing for Edge-Cloud Continuum Ecosystems

19-04-2022 r.
The article „Network Load Balancing for Edge-Cloud Continuum Ecosystems”, co-authored by Andrzej Paszkiewicz, PhD, and Marek Bolanowski, PhD, has been published in Springer LNEE.
14 Apr

Easter wishes

14-04-2022 r.
On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, the Department of Complex Systems employees wish all students, colleagues, and supporters a healthy and peaceful holiday.
12 Apr

"Training network engineers in a VR environment"

12-04-2022 r.
On March 30, 2022 a meeting of representatives of the Rzeszow University of Technology and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise took place in the Virtual Reality laboratory of the Department of Complex Systems.