Strona: Something about IT Security / Department of Complex Systems

Something about IT Security

The "Something about IT Security" research club operates at the Department of Complex Systems at the Rzeszów University of Technology. The idea of creating a Circle, which main area of activity is the topic related to the security of computer systems and networks, was born in April 2012  formed by the students of the third-year IT at the time. The Circle is chaired by the President and the Board of the Circle elected at the annual General Meeting, and the scientific supervisor is Ph.D. Eng. Mariusz Nycz, an employee of the Department of Complex Systems.
From the very beginning, the Circle brings together active students interested in practical aspects of broadly understood security. Participation in the Scientific Circle gives students the opportunity to develop their scientific interests as well as their own substantive and organizational skills.

The main area of operation of the Circle is conducting the presentation of topics and research in the field of IT security. The lectures are prepared by members of the Circle and are presented at weekly meetings. These meetings are aimed not only at presenting security solutions, but also at raising the level of students’ knowledge in this field. In addition to regular educational activities, the Circle realizes the strengthening of students' academic competences. Students prepare their first scientific presentations, conference presentations and scientific articles. The research results are presented at national and international scientific conferences