Strona: Laboratory of security ICT systems / Department of Complex Systems

Laboratory of security ICT systems

A research and teaching laboratory for the implementation of works and didactics related to the broadly understood security of ICT systems and critical infrastructure in the context of complex systems. 

Also in this laboratory the IoT / IoE networks research are conducted using Process Mining and Process Discovery mechanisms in discovering data flow patterns and processes.

Selected issues implemented in the laboratory.

  • research related to strengthening the protection of operating systems: Windows, Solaris, OpenSuse,
  • design and analysis of ICT systems security,
  • design and testing of intrusion detection systems in the ICT system,
  • modeling and statistical analysis of computer systems and networks,
  • research on the influence of long-range (temporal and spatial) dependencies on the efficiency and security of computer systems,
  • research on non-extensive phenomena - research on applications of non-extensive thermodynamics elements in computer systems,
  • research on complex graph networks: small-scale structures and scale-free networks,
    studies of the phenomena of self-similarity and their impact on the capacity of computer systems.
  • The use of Process Mining and Process Discovery mechanisms in discovering data flow patterns and processes in IoT / IoE networks

Important equipment items:

  • 15 computer stations:
    • OS: Windows 10,
    • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    • RAM memory : 32GB,
    • Graphic card: Intel HD Graphic 630,
    • HDD/SSD: 1 TB
  • server: Dell PowerEdge R430,
  • disk array: Dell PowerVault NX400,
  • KVM management console (KVM - APTEN CL1008M),
  • switch: Tp-Link T1600G-52TS,
  • Wi-Fi routers (FortiWiFi-30D),
  • Selfis statistical analysis software,
  • software for the analysis of fractal phenomena and self-similar phenomena Benoit v 1.3 (12 licenses),
  • MultiSIM v.11 software,
  • Systat statistical analysis software,
  • Origin v.7.5 software,
  • software for network analysis of complex Network Workbench.

For network IoT / IoE equipment items are:

  • 20 sets of raspberry pi 3B+
  • 8 sets of Arduino Uno Rev3
  • more than 30 sets of different sensors e.g flame sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor e.t.c.

Laboratory address:

ul.M.C. Skłodowskiej 8/2

building F, room F502