Strona: History of the department / Department of Complex Systems

History of the department

The Department of Complex Systems is a unit that was formally established on June 1, 2017, pursuant to Regulation No. 27/2017 of the Rector of PRz of May 30, 2017 on organizational changes at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The Department was established as a unit through the separation of a group of people from the structure of the Departments of Power Electronics, Power Engineering and Complex Systems. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the history of the Department dates back to 1992, when the Department of Digital Systems was created, by excluding a group of people from the Department of Electronics Fundamentals. The founders of the Department of Digital Systems were PhD. Eng. Franciszek Grabowski, associate professor of PRz and PhD. Eng. Stanisław Paszczyński, associate professor of PRz. Initially, the Department was centered around teaching students of electrical engineering in the field of digital systems. The Department was growing and the major breakthrough moment was the launch of the study in the field of computer engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1995. In 1996, the Department hired Prof. PhD. DSc. Eng. Heorhii Loutsky from the Kiev University of Technology and in 2003 Prof. PhD. DSc. Sergiy Kryvyy; the laboratory base located in building E was also expanded. The unit received the ES symbol.

In 2000, a large computer lab was opened in room E51 (45 computer workstations), and in 2001 the name of the unit was changed to the Department of Distributed Systems; it was mainly related to the dynamic development of computer science and significant progress in the field of distributed systems and computer networks, which at the turn of the century became the leading IT specialization. Essential elements of the Department's work were: launching a specialized operating system laboratory covering 16 Sun Blade UltraSparc III units in 2003, establishing cooperation with Oracle Poland as part of the Oracle Academic Initiative in 2004, launching the local "Alcatel Academy" - a modern network laboratory in the 2005 year, the beginning of cooperation with IBM Polska (commencement of regular trainings for PRz employees and students), launching the local CISCO Academy in 2009. The year 2009 was special for the development of the Department, 5 assistants obtained a PhD degree.

In 2012-2015, the Department organized the first Computer Science Olympiad at the Faculty, the first Oracle Academic Day conference as part of the Oracle Regional Academy and launched a specialized laboratory of modern IT techniques under the patronage of Asseco Poland S.A. In 2017, a modern Virtual Reality laboratory was launched, in cooperation with A year before, the Palo Alto Networks Academy was founded. It was the first academy of this type established in Poland.

In 2016, the Department headquarters was moved from building E to a new location in building F. Currently, the majority of rooms in the Department are located on the third, fifth and sixth floors of this building. The AssecoLab laboratory (under the patronage of Asseco Poland SA) is in building A, room 8/9, and the Virtual Reality Laboratory is in room 59, building A.

On September 1, 2015, according to the Regulation No. 28/2015 of the Rector of PRz of June 30, 2015, the changes in the Faculty organizational structure were made; the Department of Power Electronics, Power Engineering and Complex Systems was merged from the Chair of Power Electronics and Power Engineering and the Department of Distributed Systems. The head of the new unit was Prof. PhD. DSc. Eng. Kazimierz Buczek. The cooperation between these two units lasted until June 1, 2017, when the Department of Complex Systems was created. The establishment of the Department was the Faculty response to new challenges emerging in the field of systems convergence, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and the steadily progressing evolution of systems towards complex systems.

On November 27, 2017, according to Regulation No. 69/2017 of the Rector of PRz at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Department of Acoustics was incorporated into the Department of Complex Systems structure. The head of the unit in the period of 1992-2015 and from 2017-2018 was PhD. DSc. Eng. Franciszek Grabowski, associate professor of PRz. From September 2018, the new head of the department is PhD. DSc. Eng. Dominik Strzałka.

On October 1, 2019, there were further changes in the Department staff. Prof. A. Brański and his scientific group joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fundamentals.

Now in the Department of Complex Systems work 18 persons including 16 academic teachers. Taking into account the dynamic development of cybernetic security, now Department focuses its main activity on cybersecurity taking some actions in EU and NCBiR financed grants.

Throughout its existence, the Department was primarily focused on conducting research and didactics concerning broadly understood computer systems and networks in the field of design, construction, administration and management. In teaching activity, the Department is responsible for specialization in complex systems engineering (Bachelor's degree studies) and two specializations in: (i) systems and computer networks, and (ii) cybersecurity and cloud technologies at Master degree studies.

During the last 25 years, the following academic teachers worked together with us: prof. Stanisław Paszczyński, prof. Heorhii Loutsky, prof. Sergiej Kryvyy, PhD. Krzysztof Bobran, PhD. Mirosław Hajder, PhD. Jerzy Nazarko, PhD. Julian Skrzypiec, MSc. Adam Dziadosz, MSc. inż. Łukasz Dębski, MSc. Artur Hanus, MSc. inż. Robert Jacek, MSc. Tomasz Kaczmarski, MSc. Piotr Kadula, MSc. Mirosław Kiełbus, MSc. R. Kuras, MSc. Wiesław Stręciwilk, MSc. Paweł Wzorek,  prof. A. Brański, PhD. M. Borkowski, MSc. A. Kocan-Krawczyk, MSc. E. Prędka, MSc A. Gerka.