Strona: University teaching excellence / Department of Complex Systems

University teaching excellence

red. Bartosz Kowal

The education quality assurance system at PRz in terms of data and information processing is based on IT systems that enable comprehensive analyzes and mass processing of information with each stakeholder related to the quality of teaching, including: evaluation of learning outcomes, numerical parameters and compliance of entries and changes made with legal requirements; entries are visible with specified timestamps. for cycles of education. The IT system is available at and enables cooperation between subject coordinators, faculty administrators, the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Education Quality Assurance and faculty coordinators. Together, it creates a database and information on the pursued fields of study - from strongly aggregated data (analyses of coefficients, study plans, effects relations) to detailed data related to each education module; contains the necessary didactic materials, references to the scientific achievements of employees and enables ongoing didactic activity related to e.g. with remote verification of learning outcomes during diploma theses defenses.

As part of the project University teaching excellence, the system will be developed with the following functionalities:

  1. implementation of new methods of publishing educational content,
  2. expansion and modernization of the role system,
  3. expansion of the PQF editing and sharing system for the offered fields of study,
  4. archiving and making the archives available in the ef editing system. education,
  5. testing implementations in the new learning outcomes editing system,
  6. expansion of the defense and remote meetings subsystem,
  7. integration of the learning outcomes editing system with the ZRK system,
  8. integration of the learning outcomes editing system with library data for guidelines in the evaluation of disciplines,
  9. a new front-end with the full possibility of publishing content on department websites,
  10. extending the system API with access to library data,
  11. editing the inspection protocols,
  12. employee evaluation,
  13. an electronic practice management system.

As part of the project, a solution for comprehensive monitoring of activities related to the development of an internal education quality assurance system and the process of improving the competences of teaching staff and administrative employees will be prepared. Due to the limited access to information on the mobility of students, teachers and staff supporting education, the achievements of currently operating scientific clubs and successes related to the didactic process are not sufficiently presented. Therefore, a Center for Teaching Excellence (CDD) will be created, which will solve these problems by creating a database describing: conditions of domestic and international exchange and the degree of its use by students and employees of PRz; student and teacher successes; publications created with the participation of students. The website ( presenting issues related to the quality of education (procedures, forms, legal acts, quality books) will be reconstructed so that it is a central CDD repository of data, good practices and guidelines for supporting the improving the quality of education. The faculty books of education excellence will be updated and standardized in accordance with the university book.

In order to better present the results of students' research obtained during the implementation of their master's theses, the POSTER MASTER Diploma Poster Session will be prepared.


It is estimated that a total of 70 people will participate in the project through training and implementation of works. including 55W and 15M.

Two training packages will be prepared for 52W and 13M:

  • employees of dean's offices and administration 25 people (22W, 3M),
  • teachers - training on modern teaching methods 40 people (30W and 10M).