Strona: AssecoLab / Department of Complex Systems



A research and teaching laboratory dedicated to the implementation of research and work on issues in the field of design, implementation and optimization of enterprise-class information systems. An important issue is the work on optimizing the code of advanced applications created in various technologies and the analysis of the emergence phenomenon in business process modeling. In addition, one of the innovative areas of research is the development of algorithms and implementations of RES generation systems based on weather conditions, forecasting the demand for energy consumption and intelligent detection and prediction of the possibility of equipment failure or infrastructure fragment in SmartGrid systems.


Selected issues implemented in the laboratory.

  • educating students in the field of design and implementation of enterprise-class information systems.
  • educating students in the field of modern methods of producing complex software and teamwork.
  • cooperation between PRz-Asseco in the field of the implementation of diploma theses and scientific research in the discipline of computer science, programming of web applications.
  • implementation of IT projects in cooperation with PRz-Asseco.
  • support for the implementation of internships and internships offered by Asseco
  • organization of PRz-Asseco joint ventures promoting IT.
  • own scientific research and didactic works of PRz.
  • training courses provided by Scientific Circles, including programming of AVR and STM microcontrollers,
  • training courses conducted by the Scientific Clubs, including trainings on operating Windows Server and network / server management in smaller enterprises.
  • projects implemented by the Scientific Society.

More important elements of equipment.

  • 12 notebooks ( Intel Core i7-11850H, 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, 1TB SSD PCIe M.2) and 12 monitors Samsung 24' IPS 
  • server (Intel Core i7, Quad Core HT, 3.60GHz Turbo, 32GB RAM, mass storage 8.5 TB), operating system: Windows Server 2012;
  • server (Intel Core i7, Quad Core HT, 3.60GHz Turbo, 32GB RAM, 2.5 TB mass memory), operating system: Windows Server 2012;
  • 3 notebooks (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1 TB of mass memory) and multifunction device;
    interactive TV with multi-touch technology;
  • network devices, including: Gigabit Ethernet network switch, Wi-Fi router, firewalls, IDS systems;
  • copper and fiber-optic structured cabling with the possibility of ongoing reconfiguration;
  • distributed systems for managing the ICT environment;
  • specialized applications, including: version control systems, databases, runtime environments, development environments.


Laboratory address:

ul. W. Pola 2

building A, room 9