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Cooperation offer

Department of Complex Systems presents an offer of R&D services. Other details (in Polish) are also on the page:

Contact information on the page:


PhD. Eng. Marek Bolanowski, associate professor of PRz and PhD. Eng. Andrzej Paszkiewicz, associate professor of PRz

Consulting in the field of designing and optimization of computer networks. Development of the concept of ICT infrastructure. Analysis of development opportunities for areas with high levels of digital exclusion. Development of new network protocols. Authorized trainings in Cisco network device management, Alcatel Lucent. Pre-implementation tests of the PoC type (Proof of concept). Evaluation of protocol compatibility of network devices.

PhD. Eng. Paweł Dymora, PhD. Eng. Mirosław Mazurek

Consulting in the field of optimization and security of operating and database systems.  Consulting, analyses and deployments of the training systems based upon VR/AR. The consulting in the areas of: IoT, big data, data mining, process mining and process discovery within the Industry 4.0 area.

PhD. DSc. Eng. Franciszek Grabowski, associate professor of PRz

Consulting in the field of design and optimization of complex systems.

PhD. DSc. Eng. Dominik Strzałka, associate professor of PRz

Modeling and statistical analysis of non-extensive phenomena in computer systems for long-term relationships. Problems of efficiency of complex systems.  The consulting in the area of preparation and execution of R&D projects in the area of ICT and the broadly understood cooperation with the Academia.  Consulting in the area of optimization and security of operating systems and data bases.

PhD. Eng. Mariusz Nycz

Consultations regarding the security of IT systems. Analysis and detection of actual and potential threats and errors in software, configuration of IT devices, portals and web applications. Assessment of the security level of company systems and data based on penetration tests, identification of threats and their actual impact on the IT organization's IT security, testing employees' vulnerability to social engineering attacks, assessment of the effectiveness of tools and policies in the field of network, data and application protection.

Michał Piętal, PhD

Bioinformatics analyses, design and programming of bioinformatics software.  Planning and executing of the interdisciplinary projects across the areas of: ICT and biotechnology.  Data analysis, Data Warehousing, BI, BigData, DataScience.  The design of the systems, solutions and innovative projects, with the special emphasis on technological industries.

Michał Wroński, MSc Eng.

Consulting in the area of software engineering and applications’ design.  The design of the distributed management systems.  3D modelling.