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NanoForms: an integrated server for processing, analysis and assembly of raw sequencing data of microbial genomes, from Oxford Nanopore technology

Authors: Czmil A.; Wroński M.; Czmil S; Sochacka-Piętal M.; Ćmil M.; Gawor J.; Wołkowicz T.; Plewczyński D.; Strzałka D.; Piętal M.

This publication introduces the NanoForms tool. It is the work of an interuniversity team of experimentalists and bioinformaticians. The authors include D. Strzałka, Ph.D., M. Piętal and M. Ćmil, M.Sc. NanoForms is an intuitive and integrated web server, allowing even people without extensive bioinformatics knowledge to process and analyze raw prokaryotic genome data from the Oxford Nanopore. NanoForms is freely available at the following addresses: This project was developed under a grant funded by PCI (Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacyjności).