Strona: Complex Systems Science Club / Department of Complex Systems

Complex Systems Science Club

"Complex Systems Science Club was established in 2004 at the Department of Complex Systems at Rzeszów University of Technology. At first the Club was administrated by PhD. Eng. Dominik Strzałka. Main scientific interests included complexity science, statistical mechanics, long range dependencies and fractals.

Starting from 2012 the Club is administrated by M.Sc. Michał Wroński. The Club continued previous formula and had similar scientific intrests during this perioid, with stronger emphasis on student presentations on selected subjects. There were about thirty students active at that time, which later formed the core of the Club. In time the activity of the club drifted more towards practical aspects of statistical mechanics and simultion of physical phenomena.

One of the most important activities of the Club were workshops about programming and 3D modeling, that included not only active Club members but also students from other Departments of the University. Especially 3D modeling workshops were popular among students from Architecture degree. Later the group focused on modeling and simulation started cooperation with Electroelectrical Engineering Science Club, concluded with a publication in "Rzeszów University of Technology Scientific Clubs Works 2017/2018" concerning lighting simulation of Lubomirski Palace in Rzeszów. Representatives from this group attended to AGH International Students Conference 2018 with article titled "FLOODLIGHT SIMULATION OF REAL ARCHITECTONIC OBJECT USING 3D MODEL", which is currently being published in Springer database."